Room and Rates
- お屋紹介 -

Mix Dormitory

Room Rate  ¥2800 / 1 person
High Season* ¥3300 / 1 person

6 person mixed dormitory with bunk beds and futons. Each bed has its own small reading light and a curtain made from kimono fabric.
The room is traditional Japanese style with tatami floor and natural light from outside. The room has AC.

Japanese Private Room

Room Rate
¥7000 / 2 people,¥9000 / 3 people
High Season*
¥8000 / 2 people,¥10000 / 3 people

Traditional Japanese room with futons on tatami floor.
The room has AC.

Twin Bed Room

Room Rate  ¥6000 / 2 people
High Season* ¥6500 / 2 people

Small room with wooden floor and two separate beds.

* Please note: the room is located next to the kitchen so during mornings and evenings it can get a little noisy.
The room does not have AC, but a fan for summer or oil heater for winter are provided.
All rooms have feather duvet extra blanket for winter, power outlets and hangers for clothes.

* High Season = Saturdays,20th Jul to 31st Oct